5 Things Accident Victims Should Never Say to an Insurance Adjuster (2024)

Insurance adjusters will come calling soon after a car accident. They may seem friendly and understanding, seeking information they need to resolve your claim. Accident victims will be asked to answer some questions to help the insurance company understand the nature of the accident and injuries and to determine how much compensation is warranted. What the adjuster won’t tell you, however, is that he is also seeking information that might undercut your claim and reduce his company’s liability. For this reason, accident victims should be extremely wary when talking with an insurance adjuster who might try using a victim’s own innocent comments against him. 5 Things Accident Victims Should Never Say to an Insurance Adjuster (1)

Avoid These Common Pitfalls When Talking to an Insurance Adjuster

While in some cases it may be necessary to discuss a claim with an insurance adjuster, Myrtle Beach accident victims are under no obligation to provide more than basic information. In any case, victims should avoid:

Admitting Fault, Even Partial Fault.

One of the main goals for an insurance adjuster is to shift blame from his insured to someone else, even the victim. Even if you think you may be partly at fault for the accident, do not discuss this with an adjuster. Avoid any language that could be construed as apologetic or blameful. Admitting any level of fault can eliminate or reduce the compensation that may be available.

Discussing Injuries and Prognosis.

Only a medical professional can provide an accurate view of injuries and the outlook for your recovery. It is possible that your health situation can change, with injuries worsening or new injuries discovered. It is enough to say that a victim is being treated by a doctor for injuries related to the accident.

Discussing the Circ*mstances of the Accident.

Stick to very basic details of the accident—the date, the time, the location, the vehicles involved, and the names of any witnesses. Even in casual conversation, avoid any further information or speculation. The adjuster can obtain the police report and speak to witnesses to determine the facts of the accident.

5 Things Accident Victims Should Never Say to an Insurance Adjuster (2024)
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