Connor Cameron (2024)

Connor Margot Cameron is the daughter of Evelyn Hugo and Harry Cameron.


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  • 3 Appearance
  • 4 Relationships
    • 4.1 Family
      • 4.1.1 Evelyn Hugo: Mother
      • 4.1.2 Harry Cameron: Father
      • 4.1.3 Celia St. James: Stepmother
      • 4.1.4 Robert Jamison: Stepfather
    • 4.2 Romances
    • 4.3 Friendships
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Has blonde hair and round blue eyes identical to her father Harry Cameron.

“She was wearing a Duran Duran T-shirt and faded jeans. Her blond hair was teased at the crown.”Evelyn Hugo

“I was in love with Connor from the moment she looked at me. With her full head of hair and her round blue eyes, I thought, for a moment, she looked just like Celia.”Evelyn Hugo



Evelyn Hugo: Mother[]

Connor was very close with her mother.

Harry Cameron: Father[]

Connor was very close with her father, she adored him, and was heartbroken when he passed away. She started partying, and drinking a lot to ease the pain, before moving with her mother to Spain.

Celia St. James: Stepmother[]

Connor has known Celia since her birth, at first looking up to Celia like an aunt. However, years later became her stepdaughter.

Robert Jamison: Stepfather[]

Connor had a very close relationship with Robert, looking up to him like a father after the death of her father, Harry. Robert taught her poker, painted her bedroom, went fishing with her. He loved her like a daughter.





Connor Cameron (2024)
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