Should I refinance my student loans now or wait? (2024)

Should I refinance my student loans now or wait?

And that's what borrowers should keep in mind: While it's not the best time to refinance right now, student loan rates likely won't be this high for long. If the Fed lowers interest rates in 2024, expect refinance rates to come down as well.

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Is it smart to refinance student loans right now?

Federal Student Loans

Interest began accruing again in September 2023 and payments restarted in October. If you're dealing with high interest rates on your federal student loans, refinancing is one strategy that could help. Borrowers with strong credit scores may be able to snag a better rate through refinancing.

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How long should you wait to refinance a student loan?

Refinancing your student loans means spending less money on interest over time and, thus, putting more money back into your pocket. For this reason, the best time to refinance your student loans to maximize your savings is as soon you graduate. Of course, it's not quite that simple.

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What is not a good reason to refinance a student loan?

You generally can't or shouldn't refinance if: You have federal loans and could see a drop in income. If there's a chance your income could decrease, don't refinance federal student loans. You'll miss out on federal student loan relief options, as well as government programs like income-driven repayment.

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How do I know if I should refinance my student loans?

Here are some reasons you might consider a student loan refinance:
  • You have private student loans. Private student loans typically don't have specific benefits or protections, meaning it's easy to switch lenders anytime. ...
  • You have a good credit score and stable finances. ...
  • You qualify for a lower rate.
Jul 31, 2023

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What are the disadvantages of refinancing student loans?

  • You lose the option for student loan forgiveness. ...
  • Private student loans do not offer income-driven repayment plans. ...
  • Deferment periods are not as generous as with federal loans. ...
  • Variable interest rates could increase. ...
  • You will lose your grace period for federal student loans.
  • You may not qualify for refinancing.

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Are student loan refinance rates going up?

Here are the latest trends in interest rates for student loan refinancing from the Credible marketplace, updated weekly. During the week of January 22, 2024: Rates on 10-year fixed-rate loans averaged 7.46%, up from 7.34% the week before and from 6.44% a year ago.

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What is a good credit score to refinance student loans?

The credit score you need to refinance your student loan varies by lender but is often 680 or higher. The higher your credit score, the better your chances of qualifying for a loan with a lower rate. In addition to your credit score, lenders consider other factors, like your DTI and repayment term.

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What's the current interest rate on student loans?

If you got your loan after July 1, 2023, and before July 1, 2024: For undergraduate students, the interest rate for Direct Subsidized Loans and Direct Unsubsidized Loans is 5.50%. For graduate or professional students, the interest rate for Direct Unsubsidized loans is 7.05%.

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Does student loan refinancing affect credit score?

Short Term

Although your credit isn't impacted by a soft credit check, a hard inquiry does affect your credit score. However, the impact is usually a five-point reduction or less and a hard inquiry from a student loan refinance only hurts your score for a few months, according to credit bureau Experian.

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Will my student loans be forgiven if I refinanced?

When you refinance a federal student loan, you replace it with a private loan — and lose access to a handful of benefits, including any type of governmental loan forgiveness.

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How to get a lower student loan refinance rate?

  1. Refinance your student loans. ...
  2. Sign up for autopay. ...
  3. Look for loyalty discounts and more. ...
  4. Make on-time payments. ...
  5. Raise your credit score. ...
  6. Use a cosigner when refinancing. ...
  7. Negotiate with your current lender.
Jun 9, 2023

Should I refinance my student loans now or wait? (2024)
Should I pay off my federal student loans or wait for forgiveness?

Keep in mind that you may benefit from paying off your student loans as fast as possible if you do not qualify for any forgiveness options. This will dramatically shorten the total interest cost in the ong run.

Can refinancing student loans lower monthly payment?

Student loan refinancing allows you to gather all or some of your loans into one new loan, often at a lower interest rate that may help you pay less over time or provide you with a longer repayment term that will lower your monthly payment.

What is the downfall of refinancing?

Many consumers who refinance to consolidate debt end up growing new credit card balances that may be hard to repay. Homeowners who refinance can wind up paying more over time because of fees and closing costs, a longer loan term, or a higher interest rate that is tied to a "no-cost" mortgage.

Why is Sallie Mae interest rate so high?

If you signed up for a Sallie Mae loan when you entered college, you may have a high interest rate because you were a college student with no credit history and no full-time income. If you have a stable job and a good credit score now, you'll likely be eligible for a lower interest rate.

Will student loan rates go up in 2024?

The cost of borrowing across all Department of Education loans is going up again for the 2023-2024 school year after some rates saw the biggest increases in decades during the prior period.

Will student loan interest rates go down in 2023?

The federal student loan interest rate for undergraduates is 5.50% for new loans taken out for the 2023-24 school year, effective from July 1, 2023 to June 30, 2024. Federal rates for graduate student loans and PLUS loans are higher — 7.05% and 8.05%, respectively.

Can you have a 700 credit score with student loans?

While federal loans are usually a better deal, many people turn to private lenders for additional funding. Private student loans, including refinance loans, usually require a credit score of at least 670.

How many times can you refinance your student loan?

There is no limit on how often one can refinance. Taking this step makes the most sense when your finances or credit score improves or interest rates decline. Under these circumstances, it's possible to save thousands of dollars in interest by lowering your interest rate just a few percentage points.

What is the minimum credit score for Sallie Mae?

The average credit score for approved Sallie Mae borrowers is around 748 for undergraduate student loans. That's pretty high – but don't panic if your credit score is much lower than that. You'll need a minimum credit score (or have a cosigner with a minimum credit score) that is somewhere in the mid-600s.

Which bank has the lowest interest rate for student loan?

Compare Education Loan Interest Rates 2024
BanksInterest Rates
Union Bank of India8.15% p.a. to 12.55% p.a.
State Bank of India8.15% to 11.15% p.a.
Punjab National Bank4% p.a. to 11.25% p.a.
IDFC FIRST Bank10% p.a. to 15% p.a.
15 more rows

Are student loan rates dropping?

Rates hit a record low of 6.83% on April 4, 2022. Rates on 5-year variable-rate student loans averaged 10.77%, up from 7.49% last week and down from 8.46% a year ago. Rates hit a record low of 1.84% on February 8, 2021.

What will student loan interest rates be in 2023?

The new rates apply to all loans taken out from July 1, 2023, to June 30, 2024, according to the Education Department. The interest rate for an undergraduate direct loan is 5.5%. Graduate students taking out direct loans will face a 7.05% interest rate.

Can I refinance my student loan if I didn't graduate?

There are several private lenders willing to refinance student loans even if you didn't complete your degree — though you'll still need generally good credit and income history to qualify.


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